In summer we work to make our project visible

The Interreg Sudoe Remas project has faced the beginning of the summer (June and July) with numerous events in which the work implemented has been made visible. In work meetings and congresses, the results of the study areas located in Spanish, French and Portuguese territory have been analysed and debated.

Scientific-technical meeting in Orea

The REMAS technical team travelled to Orea (Guadalajara) to make in situ progress on the results that will come to light in the coming months and to visit the study plots located in the Alto Tajo Natural Park.

8th Spanish Forestry Congress (8CFE)

REMAS team actively participated in the eighth edition of the Spanish Forestry Congress, which was held in Lleida from 27 June to 1 July. We had a stand where we presented our work and shared it with our colleagues from other organisations and other projects related to the forestry sector. Several papers were also presented as posters.


AMUFOR participated in the TERRAenVISION event on the 28th June 2022 through the following oral communication: “Greenhouse gas emissions risk management in forest fires (Interreg Sudoe REMAS)”.

Forest fire prevention and climate change initiatives and projects

On 21 June AMUFOR participated in the conference of the Universitat Politècnica de València and Research group in Forest Science Technology and in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana and the Servei de Prevenció d'Incendis Forestals. There, AMUFOR explained what it consists of and the progress of the Interreg Sudoe REMAS project.

Last meeting of the Spanish REMAS working group

The last meeting of the working group was held on 15 July 2022 to finalise the details for the presentation of the REMAS project results worked on in the framework of the development of a strategy for the inclusion of emission prevention and risk management.

Participation in the EGU General Assembly 2022

Eugenia Gimeno from UV-CIDE participated in the EGU General Assembly 2022 on the 26th May 2022 through an oral communication which was “Soil carbon pools in forested areas affected by fires after the application of restoration measures by Eugenia Gimeno-García et al.” Concretely, Eugenia participated in the Session SSS5.3 – Mechanisms of soil organic matter transformation, stabilization and storage.

Meeting of the Portuguese REMAS working group.

“The Loulé Municipality team that integrates the REMAS project (INTERREG - SUDOE programme), together with its partner Instituto Superior de Agronomia (University of Lisbon), promoted an online workshop addressed to national and regional entities to reflect on the integration of the results of this project in the legal instruments in force that are more relevant to its objectives.” Link