WP1: Estimation of the GHG emissions risk from an integrated soil-vegetation system due to forest fires
Location of the priority areas of Sustainable Forest Management (GFS) that includes the GHG emission risk (ER) according to the potential of the forest system.
ER calculation methodology of the soil-vegetation system in different scenarios.
A1.1 Vulnerable Forest Ecosystems.
A1.2 Quantification of vulnerable and burned areas, severity and post-fire.
A1.3 Definition of the model and indicators.
A1.4 Model Validations
WP2: Pilot areas in cross-border cooperation
Proposal of action and GFS measures that increase the capacity to retain and fix carbon after forest fires.
A2.1  Parcel selection.
A2.2 Stock estimation; application of the model to scenarios.
A2.3 Collection of good practices.
A2.4 Application of restoration measures.
A2.5 Analysis of carbon variation over time.
WP3: Development of GHG emission prevention and risk management guidelines
Development of specific guidelines that include the ER within the regulatory and strategic planning and SFM frameworks in each of the participating regions.
A3.1 Collection and analysis of good practices.
A3.2 Creation and implementation of a joint working group with administrations and entities.
A3.3 Development of a strategy for the inclusion of emission prevention and risk management.
GT4: Capitalization and transfer
Information exchange and active participation of key actors.
A4.1 Training of technicians and competent authorities.
A4.2 Establishment of a platform for emission risk management with authorities.
A4.3. Creation of a transnational working committee on risk prevention and management.


WP.T1: Project management
Administrative management and daily coordination, decision making, communication systems and internal organization and financial management of the project.
WP.T2: Project communication
Planning of the tools to be used for an effective project communication, aimed at the target groups.
WP.T3: Monitoring and evaluation of the project
Structure, responsabilities and procedures for the evaluation and monitoring of the project, as well as the risk management and quality control.