REMAS experiences an eventful second half of 2021

The Interreg Sudoe REMAS project held numerous events in the second half of 2021. Sometimes with the help of different institutions at the local, regional and provincial level and universities. The year that is now ending has been the year in which the project has been presented in different forums, congresses, conferences and media. Thus, after a year and a half of teleworking as a result of the pandemic, the Interreg Sudoe REMAS project has been presented in face-to-face events as well as visiting the progress of the project partners in their country. 

The highlighted events have been:

05/05/2021: FIRElinks Webinars (  (AMUFOR)

11/05/2021:  Green Pact Day - Fire Prevention, Generalitat Valenciana (AMUFOR)

02/07/2021: Political action day in the Valencia region (Valencian partners)

06/07/2021: REMAS panel in the exhibition of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia: "Ante el cambio cambiemos" (In the face of change let's change). Presented by UV-CIDE.

30/07/2021: Conference (Congress) to present the REMAS model at Geological and Environmental Sustainability on 30 July 2021 Geoscience Webinar 2021 - United Research Forum. Oral presentation title: "Modelling GHG emission risk from forest fires" (UPV-ITACA)

03/09/2021: Participation in the WFC video contest (video edited by UV-CIDE; participation of all project partners)

09/09/2021: Joint working group meeting in the Portugal regional (ISA and CML)

17/09/2021: Participation in the Interact event for the European Cooperation Day. Round table: the role of the Comunitat Valenciana in European Interreg cooperation projects (AMUFOR and UV-CIDE). 

On an internal level, it is noted the 5th follow-up meeting:

20/09/2021: transversal working packages.

22-23/09/2021: technical working packages

28/09/2021: decision making.