The Generalitat’s Emergency Coordination Center and the Research Group on Information and Communication Technologies against Climate Change (ICTvsCC) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) met on February 3, 2020 to introduce the results obtained in the framework of the Convention “Investigation into forest fires extinction”. Among the issues raised by the project is the establishment of a new predictive model that updates and defines the levels of forest fire risk through new remote sensing technologies by satellite.

In this way, the possibility of working with two potential fire risk indexes is contemplated, one of a social nature or of citizen public information, and a strategic one of an internal and operational nature that could be used from the Emergency Room of the Coordination Center or from the own direction of extinction on the ground. This last index would allow the director of the extinction to be provided with information on quantitative data to be helped in the decision making to deal with the forest fire.

On the other hand, during the conference the REMAS project was introduced to the Agency in order to explain the progress being made in this area, which deals with fires from the perspective of their impact on climate change due to sudden release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Among the attendees were numerous technicians from both institutions (Agency and UPV) and interesting discussions were held on the subjects addressed.