Presentation of REMAS to competent authorities at the Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility of the Generalitat Valenciana

Within the framework of adaptation and fight against climate change, one of the priority measures being implemented by the Directorate General for Territorial Policy and Landscape of the Valencian Government is the preparation of territorial scale cartography which reflects the environmental services generated by the territory and risk management. For this reason, on 25 June the REMAS project was presented to the Director and Deputy Director-General for Territorial Planning and Landscape, Rosa Pardo and Vicente Doménech, in order to introduce the concept of risks due to greenhouse gas emissions from forest fires into territorial policies as a basic element for contemplating and managing this risk in the future through territorial planning and management plans.

The group Information and Communication Technologies against Climate Change of ITACA from the Polytechnic University of Valencia exposed the great value of accumulated carbon in forest ecosystems (both vegetation and soil), the lack of markets that currently recognise the asset for rural communities in the Mediterranean context and the necessary management and use of forests and carbon sinks to reduce the risks of large fires and consequently emissions, which in cases such as the Andilla fire in 2012 meant the release of as much CO2 into the atmosphere as was emitted by the activity in the city of Valencia for an entire year.

For its part, the Directorate General for Territorial Policy and Landscape showed interest in the results that will be generated by the project and in maintaining open and fluid communication in order to make progress in incorporating this new risk into its policies and stated that they would be able to contribute to its quantification by drawing up a map of the carbon stock in the Valencian Community that they hope to be able to publish at the beginning of next year.