Learn about the history of CO2

My role on planet earth is crucial. I am the main greenhouse gas that contributes to our planet’s climate change, and there are currently huge steps being taken to reduce my release into the atmosphere.

Rather curiously, in one of my main sinks, the focus is not being put. Yes, I am talking about forests, which fix carbon outrageously, in soil and vegetation they retain it as the most and, in addition, it can continue to be retained in various products that are extracted in order to preserve my precious ally, the forest ecosystem.

Isn’t it incredible? However, I have discovered that a European project of the Interreg SUDOE program, named REMAS, is going to manage the risk of greenhouse gas emissions in forest fires; trying to reduce the risk of it being released into the atmosphere and making the planet worse.

This will take a long process of 3 years, 3 years in which they will give me the value and recognition that I deserve when my carbon is fixed in a forest ecosystem.

Signed: CO2